Lottery Pool Grumblers

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Being the one who’s always been in charge of the lottery pools at my places of employment, I have a little something that I feel that I must say to anyone who is in a lottery pool. When asked if … Continue reading

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My “Black Friday” Experience @ BEST BUY

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Typically, I’m not a big shopper.  I used to be, but that was before I had a child.  Being a parent, your priorities change.  I grew fond of saying, “I used to shop at Saks, but now I shop at … Continue reading

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“Why Do Men Cheat With Ugly Women?”

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So, why do men cheat on their wives or significant others with ugly women?  Good question, right?  I’m not implying that men have cornered the market on infidelity.  Ask one of my friends, and he’ll tell you that there are plenty … Continue reading

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“I *heart* Beer”

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I am a woman and a beer drinker, and I’m damn proud of it; but I didn’t always feel that way.  It took quite a while, before I ever felt comfortable drinking a beer in public and not feeling self-conscious about … Continue reading

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“Dealing With Rude People”

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Last week I switched back to our old cable provider, because they were offering a great deal.  I had originally dropped them because the bills were getting enormous, once the promotions (or whatever they give to suck you in,) were … Continue reading

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