“Why Do Men Cheat With Ugly Women?”

So, why do men cheat on their wives or significant others with ugly women?  Good question, right?  I’m not implying that men have cornered the market on infidelity.  Ask one of my friends, and he’ll tell you that there are plenty of married women online, looking for a little “somethin’ somethin'” but still – this is an epidemic with men who are married or otherwise in a committed relationship.

There are so many high-profile serial cheaters, past and present, in the media today: Hugh Grant, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and now even Arnold Schwarzenegger is all over the news.  What’s surprising to me about these four men (well, actually with the exception of Jesse James,) is that they could have had any multitude of beautiful or accomplished women that they wanted, and they all chose well below the bar.  Now, why is that?  I’m not putting down women that are not a “10” – I don’t consider myself a “10” – but PLEASE!

Men will say that ‘men were put on this earth to spread their seed.’  That-is-the-biggest-load-of-crap…..EV-ER!!

Men and women are so different, psychologically.  Although women are generally more forgiving in the looks department (think fat, balding and nose hair,) we can usually find something attractive about a man that makes us want to sleep with him, or else we don’t sleep with him – period.  Evidently, not so much when the shoe is on the other foot.

I’ve never understood why Hugh Grant (who at the time, was in a very public relationship with Liz Hurley, a beautiful actress/model) would pick up a crack-addicted prostitute, who looked like a crack-addicted prostitute, and made no bones about being a crack-addicted prostitute.  Wow.  What the hell was he thinking?  He’s risking not only his relationship and his career, but his health as well.  Which brings me to another question:

Why do men pick up raunchy street girls?  If I was a guy, I’d rather ‘take matters into my own hands’ (i.e. Pee Wee Herman,) save the $$$ and buy a nice tie, a new tool or a couple of six-packs for myself, than blow it in a fleeting moment on someone who could make your eyeballs bleed just from looking at them.  I just don’t get it.  That must be where the expression “Close your eyes and fantasize” comes from.

Tiger Woods is another perfect example.  He was a star athlete, at the top of his game and worshipped all over the world by an adoring public.  He was married to a breathtakingly gorgeous woman, with a smoking hot body that many guys (and girls) would kill for.  They have two beautiful small children together.  So, what does he do?  We all know.  He picks up D-list porn actresses and some chick who waitresses at a Waffle House.  What the hell was HE thinking??

Jesse James.  Ugh!  *shudder*  He was married to Sandra Bullock, a beautiful and talented Oscar-winning actress, Hollywood’s sweetheart.  To see him at the Oscars and other red carpet events with Sandra, it was like seeing a monkey dressed up in a tuxedo.  (The next time he’s at the Oscars, he’ll be parking cars.)

In my mind, Sandra totally outclassed him – in every way.  I’ve never understood their relationship.  It wasn’t even ‘apples’ and ‘oranges.’  It was more like ‘apples’ and a ‘pile of poo.’  She must like bad boys, or something.  Jesse – not being the intellectual – what does he do?  He blows it.  Instead of realizing his good fortune to be with her, he picks up the trashiest, classless, most disgusting and vile Nazi-loving stripper that he can find – ridicules himself publicly, and ruins his marriage.  So now we hear that he’s getting married again – and you have to ask – WHY???  At first I felt sorry for his new fiancée, Kat Von D, but now I don’t.  And that’s because she’s going into this with her eyes wide-opened.  (***UPDATE:  As of October 2011, she ended their engagement, after discovering that he had cheated on HER with 19+ women during the PAST YEAR.  Big surprise there, huh?)

And now, here’s Arnold.  And I love Arnold; I really do.  I’ve been following him since his bodybuilding days.  I love his movies, his persona, how he was able to accomplish so much in his life.  He was born in Graz, Austria, speaking no English.  He comes to America, he wins the prestigious Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest a record seven times; he starts acting and becomes a box office superstar with high-grossing movies worldwide; he manages to marry into a political powerhouse family, and he even becomes the governor of California.  (He can do all that, because he’s “Ah-nold.”)

But with all of his money, his charisma, his power, and the ability to get any Hollywood starlet that he’d fancy, why would he choose to sleep with his housekeeper – who has the face and body of a bulldog?  Being a champion bodybuilder, and all about fitness, you would think that he would at least find someone with a halfway decent body.  If I seem mean-spirited here, that’s too bad. How what’s-her-name betrayed her employer and friend of twenty years, Maria (Arnold’s WIFE,) shows her character.  It is wrong, morally, on so many levels.   So Arnold, what in the hell were YOU thinking??

I’m not saying that these men should have picked someone gorgeous to be unfaithful with.  I don’t condone “cheating” at all.  It’s my belief that you shouldn’t get married if you can’t (or won’t) be faithful.  But it’s not like these men were looking for personalities here.  They were interested in them just for the sex.

So, my question remains:  Why aren’t men more selective, and why do so many of them choose to scrape the bottom of the barrel when they cheat?

Jesse gave up Sandra for THIS??

Tiger gave up Elin for THIS??


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7 Responses to “Why Do Men Cheat With Ugly Women?”

  1. Nobody You Know says:

    Are you saying fat, balding men with nose hair don’t deserve love too?

  2. Lafemmeroar says:

    These men are very selective … they choose women such women so they can feel better about themselves. Or they scrape the bottom of the barrel because … birds of the same feather flock together. Enjoyed reading your post 🙂

  3. Anita says:

    I agree with the one above, not just about cheating men, but why a man in general would choose to be be with an unattractive woman. As a woman who, even at age 53, seems to still be considered attractive by men of all ages, I am constantly amazed by these couples. Since it has puzzled me so, I have been googling it; what I found is that men will tell you that the unattractive woman was “so nice”, “a virgin”, etc. However, what it boils down to is that the men who choose unattractive women are doing so for the following reasons: they truly believe a less attractive woman will worship them, will not be high maintenance, and will not cheat. First, because in these cases the man is often conceited, after a while the woman will quit admiring him JUST based on his looks; 2nd, if you are a good-looking man and marry an ugly woman she’ll become high maintenance to try to keep you, and 3rd, if YOU’LL do her, so will some other man out there!

  4. somanytears says:

    My husband cheated with 300lb female with a colostomy bag! Seriously, she looks like Shrek! We BOTH say our marriage was wonderful before he lost his mind. She was a former girlfriend from 37 years ago. She was huge and ugly back then too. I just don’t understand why he’s throw a way everything for nothing. He says he’s never even liked her. Huh????

  5. Angel Crosby says:

    Lol, so my husband in recent years and this has caused a fraudulent lawsuit from the married mistress ( whose husband has had enough) , a divorce after 26 years ( plus 10 prior years of dating , help with school etc…) and a lot of problems for our 3 children … all so sad and cruel , very petty of the mistress that can’t admit the truth and is rumored to make a habit of such behavior . My husband comes from a family with mental illness and had been acting out for a few years prior, is a dentist , he had commented on what a criminal the mistress was in her professional life for decades, and her looks or lack of , as well as made comments about persons such as David Lee Roth screwing ugly women because they will do anything and tell you anything because they are so desperate… well that hit the nail on the head harder than anyone could expect ! I spoke with this person’s husband one day and he so much as agreed with everything and her mental issues , how difficult it was to be with her . I think this could have been a horrific reality shoe . I was caring for a child with a brain tumor and a son with PTSD at the time all of this took place . I live in Orange County CA. , all so disgusting and they truly deserve each other. The lawsuit is public so anyone can look this up. I won’t mention names but you can look me up! He wanted to stay married and live a double life – No Way ! Sick or not, you know right from wrong . They wanted to leave me destitute or destroy my business for NOT playing along ! Disgusting ! I am a single mom of 3 , an honest hairstylist, Angel Crosby of the Costa Mesa / Newport Area. The Lord Is Watching Out For Me Right Now ! Thank you ! & Amen!!

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