Lottery Pool Grumblers

Being the one who’s always been in charge of the lottery pools at my places of employment, I have a little something that I feel that I must say to anyone who is in a lottery pool.

When asked if you want to contribute to the lottery pool, a simple “YES” or “NO” will suffice. Listening to someone whining “Oh, we never win anything,” sounds completely ridiculous. Do you ever stop to think of how many MILLIONS of people (in 40+ states) are playing?  Seriously, dude.  Do you expect to win the jackpot every time you kick in a few dollars?? (Well, actually I DO, but…)

The lottery is based on LUCK.  It’s consistency in playing.  It’s a chance that we all take. I’m sure that the guys in the Melville, NY, COSTCO store will attest to that.

We don’t need any bad mojo tainting our luck.  I would rather you keep your $5, than have a bad attitude and bring bad energy our way.  Besides, a few less shares that we have to divvy up, means millions more for anyone who goes in with a positive attitude.

So, no – I can’t guarantee that we’ll win hundreds of millions of dollars tomorrow night – for the few dollars that you kick in – but I CAN guarantee that you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, if you don’t.  And that’s fine with the rest of us.


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"New Yorkers Aren't Rude - We're Just Impatient!"
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